8pcs Nail Art Brush Set Size

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Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland

Colors: Color handle

Package Includes: 6pcs nail art brushes and 2pcs double-headed designs

Used For: Nail Extension, Nail carving, Sticking Diamond, Builder Gels, UV Gel Nail Polish, Gel Paint, Spider Gel, Harder Gel



1.8pcs professional nail brushes are convenient for you to all kinds of nail painting creativity.

2.Pen's body is made of quality wooden and alloy, durable for longer use and the nail brushes are made with high-quality nylon hair, which possess non-deformation, non-corroding characteristics.

3.Easy to handle and operate, making your nails more beautiful and charming.

  1. This nail art brushes set is suitable for professional salon use and home DIY nail art.

5.Nice gift for nail art learner and specialist.



  1. Drawing brush:for nail painting, using this painting pen can make painting easier
  2. Line brush:short line brush flower, used for nail draw line painting, the use of this can make the line more handy
  3. Blooming brush:can be used for the gradual shading of manicure, so that the manicure filter effect is more natural
  4. Universal brush:widely used for nail color painting, dyeing, flower painting, etc
  5. Oblique brush:used to draw flowers in a row of strokes, which will make the flowers more delicate
  6. Flat brush: it is used for phototherapy manicure, and it is more convenient to use it for phototherapy manicure
  7. Petal brush: used to draw petals and leaves, can also be used to fill
  8. Dotting ball tool:provide perfect dots for nail art and can also be used for all sorts of detail wors such as flowers

How to Wash Nail Art Brushes After Use?

  1. Pour Nail Brush Liquid Solution into a glass container.
  2. Dip the brush into the liquid and swirl for 10-20s.
  3. Gently press the brush bristles with a paper towel or cotton padto absorb moisture.
  4. 4. Gently comb the brush bristlesand allow it to dry.
  5. 5. (Optional) Brush cuticle oil onto the bristles to keep the bristles soft. Then wash off the oil with warmsoapy water.

Warm Tips:

  1. Keep the nail brush in a cool place and keep it upright as much as possible. Avoid direct sunlight.
  2. There will be a layer of sealing wax on the surface of the new acrylic nail brush. The first time you use it, soak it in warmwater for a minute or two to wash off the sealing wax on surface.
  3. After each use, clean the nail brush immediately with brush saver to prevent them from becoming hard and shorten the service life.
  4. Do not use acetone-related cleaning products,which will damage the brush bristles.
  5. It is normal for the new brush to lose some hair at the beginning.


Q: How to keep these nail brush for longer use?

A: Clean the brush after each use and dry it in the right way.

Q: Can this nail brush set be used for builder gels?

A: Yes, use them for applying builder gels, poly nails gel, gel nail polish, painting gel, spider gel.

Q:I don't have monomer fluid to remove wax layer. Can I use something else?

A:Of course.  All different types of brushes have a wax layer to protect their shape until they get to their users.  Just use brush cleaner for all brushes before use.  If not, mild soap will do.  

Q:How many brush are there in this nail kit?

A:8 brushes.and tow of them are double-headed, the other head of them are balls of different sizes for various size dotting.

Q:Can I just use alcohol to clean these?

A:Honestly the best way to clean gel brushes is by running them through clear gel.  Keep wiping till no more color remains. Acetone, alcohol or anything harsh shortens the life of the brush.

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