21W Diamond Lotus Nail Lamp Set - White

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Product Specifications:

Product Name: Wireless Nail Lamp
Product Model: 7VU/LED
Ultravioletwavelength: 365+405mm
Battery Capacity: 2000mah
Material Quality: ABS
Single Weight: 200g
Use Time: 5-7 hours
Power: 21W
Package includes: 1 * Nail Lamp, 1 * USB Charging Cable
Used as: Nail dyer lamp for all types of gel(U V gel, builder nail gel and LED gel).

1. Almost All Kinds of UV Nail Polish and LEDs can be hardened.
2. Electricity storage nail dryer, can quickly dry UV glue/extended glue/LED glue. 7 LED lamp beads, no dead zone, more freedom.
3. Flexible hose design, free to bend, 360° adjustable angle. Not only for the nails, but also for the toes. Suitable for home and professional use.
4. USB charging port design, simple and convenient for doing nail art anytime, anywhere.
5. The mini nail lamp uses a non-harmful hand and low heat to help your nail polish quickly dry, solidify and shape your nails.

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