Gel Nail Polish Remover - 2pcs Gel Remover

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Product Specifications:

Brand: saviland

Capacity: 15ml/bottle

Colors: as picture shows

Package Includes: 2bottles 15ml gel nail polish removers, 1pcs wooden stick,1pcs nail file

Used For: gel nail polish remove


  1. This is a revolutionary nail polish remover that makes it easy to remove in the nail removal process without worried about how to remove nail polish anymore.
  2. This product does not contain substances that are harmful to your nails. It is a gel extracted from plants, and its composition is the same as that of removes gel.
  3. The specific time to fall off the nails depends on the thickness of nail coat and the thickness of the gel remover gel. If there is only one layer of color coat, it will fall all in 5 minutes. But if there is more base coat than the color layer and top coat, it may take more than 5 minutes to fall all.


How To Use?

  1. Ready for removing nail polish.
  2. Remove top coat with a file.
  3. Apply nail polish remover and avoid applying it to the surrounding skin.
  4. Wait for about 3-5 minutes, until the nail polish is completely burst.
  5. Remove the residual nail polish with a wooden stick.
  6. Perfect effect show.

Warm Tips:

  1. Because the nail polish have different hardness and the thickness, the degree of burst and the time required will be different.
  1. Nail polish remover can not touch the skin, its volatile solvents will volatilize for a short time, and absorb the moisture in the extreme time, and lose moisture on the surface of the skin, resulting in a slight burning sensation. It is best to wash your hands after removing nail polish with nail polish remover.
  1. There is a slight cool sensation during nail removal.
  1. UV nail, extension nail is recommended to first remove the seal layer, the time for unloading the nail also needs to be longer, the nail tips needs to be removed by nail polish remover.


Q: Is this nail polish remover useful? I used acetone remover before, but it hurts my nails too much, I want to try this.

A: Yes, dear, it removed my gel nail polish smoothly without any adverse reactions. You can try.

Q: Will this work with soak off builder gel?

A: It is not easy to remove builder gel, but it can remove gel nail polish, acrylic powder and dip powder nails.

Q: What is the wooden stick for?

A: It is used to remove the soak-off nails.

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