12 Jars Holographic Gold Nail Chrome Powder

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Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland

Colors: 12 Colors Chrome Nail Powder

Item Form: Powder

Used For: Nail Art Decoration



  1. Saviland multichromenail powder set provides 12 colors for nail designs. Saturated colors can provide users with a wider range of style choices, such as punk style and metal style.
  2. Chrome nail powder can be designed with various colors, and decorated with neon shines in plain colors, which can display various styles of nails.
  3. Saviland mirror nail powder is made of pure natural ingredient. The ultra-fine chrome powder is sticky and can adhere well to any nail plates.
  4. Saviland chrome nail powder is easy to apply, which provides both beginners and professionals with more space for creativity.
  5. The chrome nail powder DO NOT NEED A NAIL LAMP TO CURE.


How to use?

  1. File and clean the nail surface.
  2. Apply base coat and cure for 60s.
  3. Apply color gel polish and cure for 60s.
  4. Apply no-wipe top coat and cure for 30s.
  5. Use sponge stick to pick the powder onto the nail.
  6. Wipe off extra powder.
  7. Apply reinforcement gel and cure(more durable).
  8. Apply no-wipe top coat and cure for 120s.


Warm Tips:

  1. Theno-wipe top coat must be applied after using mirror nail powder.
  2. For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children.Chrome nail powder contains inedible metallic materials.
  3. Saviland mirrornail powder can be usedwith any base color gel. Different base colors have different effects, but the black color has the best mirror effect.
  4. 4.Chrome nail polishcannot be used as a substitute for the eyeshadow!
  5. 5.In addition to chrome nail powder, other nail art supplies (base coat, no-wipe top coat, reinforcement gel) needto be cured with nail lamps.



Q: Can you use chrome powder for nail as an alternative to eyeshadow?

A: No, the chrome nail powder is designed and produced specifically for nails.


Q: How to achieve the color effect of iridescent expression?

A: Apply mirror nail powder to white or black base color gel to highlight the vividness of the color. Afterward, carefully layering colors to prevent the mix of colors.


Q: Does this product need nail lamp curing?

A: Chrome nail powder is used together with a no-wipe top coat, it may need to be cured with a nail lamp.


Q: Can this product be used as a replacement for acrylic powder or dipping powder?

A: The design and production of mirror nail powder contains metallic materials, and it may not achieve the expected effect when used as acrylic powder or dipping powder.


Q: Do these come with applicators?

A: Yes, each color chrome nail powder comes with a sponge stick.


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