Soft Pastels Nail Chalks for Acrylic Powder

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Brand: Saviland

Produce Kit Include:

24pcs soft pastel square chalk



  1. Soft pastels chalk for acrylic powder can be mixed with clear acrylic powder and glitters to create a rainbow-like perfect nail fingertip.
  2. Soft pastels chalk can also be mixed with acrylic powder and glitter powder, nail gel polish, dip powder, base coat, etc.
  3. Finest and non-toxic materials, and high-quality pigments.
  4. Can be used on natural nails, false nails, nail tips when become fine powder mixing with acrylic powder.
  5. Suitable for professional nail manicurists, nail salon, nail art school, nail art artist, an art teacher and artist etc. Design any unique nail according to your own ideas for different occasions or holidays and enjoy the fun of designing.


❤【COLORFUL SOFT PASTEL NAIL CHALK】 Saviland soft pastels chalk for acrylic powder set with is available up to 24 colors for acrylic powder nail art, which can be applied on nails, painting and manicure DIY. 24 highly saturated nail chalk are made of finely ground pure pigments, which can cater meet all of your nail color needs.

❤【UNIQUE NAIL ART COLOR EFFECT】 When clear acrylic powder and mixes with color soft pastel chalk powder or glitter powder are mixed, they can be used for nail extension, carving flowers, nail decoration, and acrylic paint set create elegant nail art. Whether you are a beginner, a professional nail artist and a nail enthusiast, this set can help you create acrylic nail art.

❤【DIY NAIL ART DESIGN AND WIDE APPLICATION】 This non-toxic colorful square nail chalk can be applied easily on mixing with clear or white acrylic powder, nail gel, base coat, poly nail gel or dipping powder to create different colors of your nail products do various color powder, which is useful for nail lover DIY own unique colors makes nail DIY and manicure funny and happy.

❤【HIGH QUALITY ACRYLIC CHALK PASTELS】 Saviland soft pastels chalk for acrylic powder is made of professional nail formula, the best quality materials and high quality pigments, safe and healthy, with good quality, easy to adhere and has good hardness. Be perfectly mixed with acrylic powder to create your unique colors. Colorful nail chalk is an ideal choice for professional nail artists. Nail artists can DIY nail color powder at any time to create colorful nail art effects.

❤【WARM TIPS】 Please read the instructions carefully before using this a soft pastel chalk for acrylic powder. If you have any questions about our colorful nail chalk, please feel free to contact our customer service team, we will do our best to help you solve the problem. Hope you have a good shopping! !


How to use?

Step 1: Use a drill to grind the soft pastel into a fine powder.

Step 2: Mix colored fine powder and acrylic powder, use a drill to grind evenly.

Step 3: Prepare your nails.

Step 4: Apply a layer of base coat, cure it.

Step 5: Put a nail form on your nail.

Step 6: Brush the acrylic powder on the nail with acrylic liquid.

Step 7: After the acrylic powder and the acrylic liquid are combined, and apply it to the nail.

Step 8: It would dry within 1-2 mins.

Step 9: Take off the nail form.

Step 10: Trim to shape your nails.

Step 11: Apply top coat, cure it.


How to remove it ?

  1. Not soak off gel, can be removed by filing off or drilling off.
  2. A nail drill machine works faster and cleaner to remove.


Warm Tips:

1.Since the pastel is a fragile and breakable product, we protect the product as much as possible when packaging it to avoid damage, but we cannot guarantee that each piece of chalk is complete. If you mind, please choose carefully.

  1. Soft pastels chalk needs to be ground into a fine powder with a nail sander, and then mixed with acrylic powder. You donotneed to put too much color powder, you need to pay special attention to the ratio of color powder to acrylic powder.
  2. Need to be used with acrylic liquid. It is recommended to use with our company products.
  3. No need for nail lamps to solidify.
  4. Please store this product in a cool and dry place.



Q: How to make soft pastel square chalk into powder?

A: You can use nail drill to grind into fine powder, and then mix transparent or white acrylic powder to make acrylic powder of various colors.


Q: I was wondering if these soft pastels square chalk vegan?

A: Yes, Our Soft Pastel square chalk is vegan-friendly and health Non-Toxic.


Q: Can the soft pastel chalk powder be mixed with clear poly nail gel to make a nail style?

A: Yes, it can also be mixed with acrylic powder and glitter powder,nail gel polish,dip powder, base coat, etc.

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