40pcs Nail Glue

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Product Specifications:

Brand: saviland

Capacity: 2g/bottle

Colors: clear

Package Includes: 40pcs nail glues

Used For:sticking nail tips and small nail art decorations



  1. For sticking false nail tips, broken nails and nail art decorations, last for3-4 weeks.
  2. Enable you to create beautiful nail designs in seconds.
  3. No needing UV lamp.
  4. Nail art glue is fast drying, quick bonding and adhesive perfect.
  5. Quick drying which only takes a few seconds.


How To Use?

  1. File and clean nail surface.
  2. Apply a layer of glue on the nail tips.
  3. After sticking to the nail, press and hold for a few seconds.
  4. Cutting the nail's desired length and shape.
  5. Polish the edge of the nail to smooth it.
  6. Finish.

Warm Tips:

  1. Please seal and save after use.
  2. Store in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place.
  3. Keep out of children.
  4. Avoid contact with skin when using.
  5. When you apply nail glue, you need to make sure no bubbles on nail for an hour at least.
  6. It is not full because the nail glue will swell when it is in high temperature.
  7. After each use, it needs to be sure to wipe the mouth of the bottle clean and close it, otherwise the spilled glue will stick the bottle cap, and it will be more difficult to open it when you use it again.
  8. The nail glue needs to cut off the tip and squeeze the bottle, then you can use it.


Q: How do I store these from drying up?

A:Please close the cap, so the glue would be sealed properly. After use, then store it in a cool place. Please finish using the product ASAP after opening.

Q:Does it have damage on your real nails?

A:Not at all. I find that it actually helps my nails grow better. As long as you don’t rip the nails off, your nails won’t have any damage.

Q:Can I fix my bad nails with this fake nail glue?

A:Yes, the fake nails glue is perfect false nail tips, broken nails, small nails art decorations, it will not hurt your natural nails.

Q:How do you remove the nail glue to press on nails?

A:This false nail glue is strong, but it's easy to take off by soaking it in acetone for a few minutes. After soaking, you can use a nail file to wipe gently(note: just bear careful of your natural nail)and until the false nails are completely removed.

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