Acrylic Powder Set 10 Colors Elegant Nail Powders
Acrylic Powder Set 10 Colors Elegant Nail Powders
Acrylic Powder Set 10 Colors Elegant Nail Powders
Acrylic Powder Set 10 Colors Elegant Nail Powders
Acrylic Powder Set 10 Colors Elegant Nail Powders
Acrylic Powder Set 10 Colors Elegant Nail Powders

Acrylic Powder Set 10 Colors Elegant Nail Powders

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Brand: Saviland

Capacity: 10g/bottle*10 colors

Colors: Office Lady Color Combo

Package Includes: 10*jar powders, an instruction manual



  1. This set is made of a series of professional acrylic powders that provides you with flawless consistency and superior adhesion.
  2. High saturation and pigment, easy to use
  3. 100% vegan, cruelty-free, odor-free, no animal testing and non-toxic.
  4. The powder only show the real color when combined using with monomer liquid.
  5. When using the powder with monomer, please open the window.


❤【SUITABLE FOR WIDE NAIL DESIGNS】Saviland Office lady acrylic powder is made of safe and healthy formula, supplemented with natural and botanic ingredients, which is perfect for all nail extensions, fixing nails and 3D nail designs.

❤【VIBRANT COLOR & DANAMIC LOOK】This acrylic powder set with elegant colors is made for ladies, who pursue tender style in the office. This set is a combo colors of pure vivid colors and amazing glitters. The colors will makes you become a princess or a noble queen.

❤【HIGH QUALITY & LONG LASTING】Saviland Acrylic powder can makes your nail designs last longer on nail surface and and the colors are solid and vibrant, which makes nail designs funny.

❤【NON-IRRITATING】Saviland Office lady acrylic powder will not cause any discomfort to your precious nails. Compared with other acrylic powder, Saviland polymer powder is able to mix with any acrylic liquid monomer and do not harm your natural nails. Girls’ first choice!  

❤【EXCELLENT FEATURES】Saviland acrylic is vegan free, no animal testing and 9-free. If you need any after-service, please do not hesitate to contact us. Stop using immediately if any discomfort or allergy occurs. Please notice that acrylic powder will work differently when they work with different liquids.


How to use?

Nail Extension Step:

Step 1: File and clean nails surface.

Step 2: Apply nail prep dehydrator and nail primer, air dry.

Step 3: Put a nail form on your nail.

Step 4: Take enough acrylic liquid to the cup.

Step 5: Dip the monomer you made with brush and then dab the acrylic powder.

Step 6: Apply it to the nail. Wait it dry.

Step 7: Take off the nail form.

Step 8: Trim the shape of your nails.

Step 9: Apply the top coat, cure of 120s.


Nail Carving Design Step:

Step 1: Dip the acrylic powder with acrylic liquid by a brush.

Step 2: Stick it to your nail and carve. Wait it dry.

Step 3: Apply the top coat, cure of 120s.


Nail Decoration Step:

Step 1: Finish the nude acrylic layer.

Step 2: Brush the acrylic powder on the nail with acrylic liquid.

Step 3: Put the nail decoration.

Step 4: Apply the top coat, cure of 120s.


How to Remove It?

  1. You can be removed by filing or drilling.
  2. You can use a nail drill to remove the nails faster and cleaner.


Warm Tips:

  1. For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children.
  2. Keep the acrylic powder in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.
  3. Acrylic powder system NO NAIL LAMP NEEDED.
  4. Acrylic powder needs to be used together with liquid monomer.
  5. Do not overly polish the nail plate or use sharp tools to scrape off the coating.
  6. The package contains fragile items. DO NOT drop, hit, or throw the package, as the protection of the box is limited.



Q: Can I use these nail powders for the mail dipping technique?

A: Yes, there are two functions, it can be used as an acrylic powder effect or as a dip powder effect


Q: Should I use a nail lamp?

A: No need to use nail lamp.


Q: How long do these last on nails?

A: If you use it correctly, it can last more than 3 weeks.


Q: Can I use this product with nails tips?

A: Yes, you can use these acrylic powders with nail tips.