Saviland 7 Colors Glitter Poly Nails Gel Kit , Pink Series

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Package includes:

7 * poly nails gel (Capacity: 15g)

1 * nail file

1 * top coat

1 * base coat

1 * slip solution

1 pack dual form

1 * instruction book

1 * dual nail brush and spatula


What You Get 7 ploy nail gels (capacity: 15g), 1 * slip solution, 1 * base coat, 1 * top coat, 1 * dual-ended nail brush and spatula, 24 pcs dual nail forms (12 sizes), 1 * nail file, 1 * instruction manual. It packs with gift box.

Quality Guarantee and Long Lasting -- Made of non-toxic and harmless ingredients, minimal smell, color resistant, shiny resistant and last for around 2-3 weeks with proper application. No chips or smudges, not peeling off easily.

Reminder Need to use poly nails gel slip solution, the poly nails gel can be picked and formed on nail form smoothly, preventing the gel sticking to the brush or other poly nails gel tools.

Wide Application Perfect for personal DIY nail art use at home and professional salon beauty shop. You can use them for parties.

Perfect GiftThe poly nails gel nail set is packed with a beautiful gift box. You can purchase it as a gift which suitable for all kinds of female ages.


How to use?

Create with dual form

  1. Apply the base coat and cure.
  2. Apply extension gel on dual form.
  3. Shape the gel with slip solution.
  4. Cover the dual form and cure.
  5. Remove the dual form.
  6. Clean, trim and shape the nails.
  7. Apply the top coat and cure.

Create with nail extension sticker

  1. Apply the base coat and cure.
  2. Apply the gel on nail extension sticker.
  3. Shape the gel with slip solution and cure.
  4. Remove the nail extension sticker.
  5. Clean, trim and shape the nails.
  6. Apply the top coat and cure.

Create with glitter or rhinestones

  1. Apply the base coat and cure.
  2. Shape the gel with slip solution.
  3. Add the glitter on the gel and cure.
  4. Clean, trim and shape the nails.
  5. Apply the top coat and cure.

How to avoid poly nails gel broken easily?

  1. Thinner is better when you apply base coat. And remember to cover the tip of the nails.
  2. Do not cure base coat for too long or too short (It is normal for base coat to keep a bit sticky).
  3. The poly nail extension gel you add on dual form or nail extension sticker should not be too much, remember to use slip solution to fully spread the gel.
  4. DO NOT use your fingernails to open cans, nut shells, lids or other hard things.



1.Please don’t soak the finished nails into hot water at 45℃-60℃ for long time.

2.Poly nails gel's storage should be avoided direct sunlight and keep in a cool place.

3.Please note that our 15g poly nails gel is sealed in a larger tube with a light aluminum foil to 4.prevent leaking gel during the transportation.


Q & A

Q:Does this come with base and top coat?

A:Base coat,Top coat and slip solution but I will be honest it's really hard to work with the product.


Q:They used a clamp to cure the nail in the company video, does this kit come with the clamp?

A:No it does not and not necessary. Just use your finger to hold it down for about 5-15 seconds (depending on your lamp) while curing then it will stay in place.


Q:What is the capacity of these gel tubes?

A:not too much product. 1 tube can last for 2 sets of nails

Q:Does this poly gel kit come with a tube of clear polygel?