6PCS 7.5ML Pink Nude Gel Polish Set

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Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland

Capacity: 6pcs

Colors: as picture shows

Package Includes: 6pcs gel nail polish

Used For: decorate nails


  1. This gel nail polish set has vivid color and is unique and fashionable style.
  2. Our gel nail polish is high self-leveling, smooth and easy to apply.
  3. Saviland gel nail polish can be applied to any nail tips.
  4. Our gel nail polish set is made of natural resin which is no harm to your skin and your health.
  5. By applying our gel nail polish, your beautiful nails can stay for more than 28 days.


How To Use?

STEP 1: File your nails.

STEP 2: Apply a layer of base coat and cure for 60s.

STEP 3: Apply gel nails polish and cure for 60s.

STEP 4: Repeat step 3 until satisfactory effect.

STEP 5: Apply top coat and cure for 120s.

STEP 6: Finished.

Warm Tips:

  1. It is lamp needed, but you need to keep distance from the light when you apply gel nail polish.
  2. Don’t open can or touch any hard stuff with your nails after you have done your nails.
  3. You need to put back the brush to the bottle as soon as you use gel nail polish and avoid sunlight and UV lamp light, in case the brush turns hard.
  4. You can apply gel nail polish gently but don’t press too hard.
  5. Remember apply a thin layer each time, and repeat multiple layer for avoiding peeling or chipping.
  6. We suggest that you add a layer base coat because it can be sealer to keep your nails maintain high glossy entire time.
  7. Remember do a skin test before you use it, in case you are allergic to it.


Q: How long can this gel polish last?

A: It will last for 28 days.

Q: Can you mix these nail polishes together to make different shades?

A: Yes, you can mix them together to make the color you want.

Q: Will it produce bubbles during use?

A: No, I have been using this brand of nail polish and I have not seen any bubbles.

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