Dipping Powder Nail Starter Kit

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Package Includes:

1 * Clear Acrylic Dip Powder(10ml/0.33fl.oz)

1 * Activator

1 * Nail Glue

1 * Nail File

1 * Cuticle Pusher

1 * Dust Remove Sponge

2 * Replacement Brush

40pcs Half-Cover Nail Tips(White&Clear)

💖【WHAT YOU GET】Saviland Dipping Powder Nail Starter Kit , Which includes 1* Clear Acrylic Dip Powder(10ml/0.33fl.oz), 1 Activator, 1 Nail File, 1 Dust Remove Sponge, 1 Nail Glue, 1 Cuticle Pusher, 2 Replacement Brush and 40pcs Half-Cover Nail Tips(White & Clear). Perfect gifts for nail art lover and beginner.

💖【NO NEED CURING, SAVING TIME】 The Dip Powder System doesn’t need nail lamp to cure, which can avoid making your skin black. It's a faster way to paint your nail. Enjoy your fun of manicure anytime, anywhere.

💖【A PROFESSIONAL NAIL ART KIT FOR BEGINNERS】 Saviland prefessional dip powder Kit is super easy to use for first-time "dippers". The half-cover nail tips and glue help to finish nail extension quickly. With high quality acrylic nail powder and just need air dry, It feels and looks natural, is lightweight, and has impeccable shine. It can keep the nail art gorgeous and shiny for about 2weeks+.(Note: Please don't press the nails to prevent falling off.)

💖【NON-TOXIC & ODOR】 Saviland Dipping Powder Kit make with healthy, natural formula, Non-toxic & Odor-free. These don't damage the nail bed and available for air-dry.

💖【ALL-IN-ONE SET】 Saviland Dip Powder Nail Kit can do all your desired style nail art. Small size bottles of powder but still durable.Take Your Own Professional Nail Salon With You Wherever You Go.


How to Creat a Nail Extension Quickly?

-Step 1: Prepare your nail.

-Step 2: Apply Saviland Glue to the nail tips. Press nail tip on the nail surface.(Wait air dry 10s).

-Step 3: Apply frist layer of nail glue, Quickly Dip tip of the entire nail into the powder.

-Step 4: Remove excess powder with dust sponge.

-Step 5: Repeat the step 3 - step 4 to get the effect you want.

-Step 6: Apply dip ACTIVATOR (just one layer!!!) (dry 10-20s).

-Step 7: File the surface of the nail smoothly.

-Step 8: Apply a thin coat of TOP as normal manicure(dry 30s-60s). Finished~ Enjoy you nail art!


How to Remover the Saviland Dip Powder?

Step 1: Use a hand nail file and file the top layer of the nail to remove the shiny layer.

Step 2: Soak cotton balls in Acetone.

Step 3: Place the cotton balls on top of each nail and wrap the foil around your fingers.

Step 4: Wait for about 10 to 15 minutes and then remove the foil.

Step 5: Push everything off with a cuticle pusher tool.

Step 6: All Remove. Apply nail cuticle oil and massage it gently.


Warm Tips:

1.Please don't press the nails to prevent falling off.

2.The glue is fast dry, so please prepare the powder before application.

3.Ensure all the essentials are cleaned up properly and the caps are tightened well.

4.If there are any question, Saviland provide a fast replacement or refund service.


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