5-In-1 Builder Base Strengthening Gel Set - 4 Colors Builder Nail Gel Set

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Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland

Capacity: 15ml/bottle

Colors:Clear, White, Pink, Nude

Package Includes: 4*15ml builder nail gel,100pcs nail forms and 1pcs nail art tweezers

Used For: Nail Extension, Nail Repair, Nail Reinforcement, Sticking Diamonds, Nail Art Design

❤【PROFESSIONAL 5-IN-1 builder nail gel SET】 Saviland 4 colors 5-in-1 builder nail gel nail set are available in clear, white, nude and pink, for your needed choices. 5-in-1 builder nail gel are professional for base strengthen nail, nail extension, nail repairing, strengthening weak natural nails, sticking diamonds and shaping perfect nail shape.

❤【BOTTLED AND WITH BRUSH & EASY TO USE】 Saviland extension liquid gel are very easy to use, just apply with built-in brush like gel nail polish, it means that you do not need to buy other nail brushes. builder nail gel in a bottle are more flexible and easier to control than other nail extension gel, makes your nails stronger, lighter and natural with pretty length and neatness.

❤【SUPER SELF-LEVELING】The builder nail gel polish provides perfect control of self-leveling and adhesion to the natural nails. Has a super self-leveling, and remains highly similar with natural nails, not stiff, not runny, easy to shape, you can easily shape and build strong, longer, durable and natural nails looking with the builder nail gel.

❤【STRONG TOUGHNESS & LONG-LASTING】The excellent performance hard gel for nails can provide near-native-like natural nail repair. It creates a smooth, hard-wearing, water-resistant surface that make your nails no longer fragile and breakable, whether lengthening or any nail art will stable last for more than 28 days, and also protects your natural nails to healthily grow.

❤【WARM TIPS & SERVICE】 Nail lamp needed, after curing, there will be a sticky layer on the nail surface, which can be easily mistaken as not dry. You can wipe the nail surface with slip solution. If you have any questions about this 5-in-1 builder nail gel, please contact customer service, we will try our best to help you. Happy shopping!!


  1. The builder nail gel in bottle with great 5-in-1 function can meet different needs like nail extension, repair, reinforcement, sticking diamond, nail art design.
  2. There are 4 colors, the colors suitable for most people and most occasions. Among them, the combination of nude and clear nail kit is popular among nail art lovers, which can make your nails appear natural, shiny and healthy.
  3. The nail extension gel is made of environmentally friendly resin material, high transparency, good gloss, not easy to turn yellow, low-odor and no harm to nails.
  4. The nail strengthener gel with brush application, having superior self-leveling and easy to shape with nail form.
  5. The nail gel is long-lasting, it can keep shine for more than 28 days if used correctly.
  6. The base strengthen gel is hardness, it won't chip, break, or peel off easily.
  7. Perfect for nail professionals and nail beginners to create nail art design.

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