30g Clear Poly Nails Gel  | Saviland
30g Clear Poly Nails Gel  | Saviland
30g Clear Poly Nails Gel  | Saviland
30g Clear Poly Nails Gel  | Saviland
30g Clear Poly Nails Gel  | Saviland
30g Clear Poly Nails Gel  | Saviland

30g Clear Poly Nails Gel | Saviland

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Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland

Capacity: 30g

Colors: Clear

Package Includes:30g clear poly nails gel?

Used For: Nails extension, Nails enhancement, Nails repair



  1. To create a protective layer, please strengthen your natural nails, and promote longer and stronger nails that will not crack or peel.
  2. The nail extension gel needs a slippery solution to use it smoothly and easily. It also prevents the gel from sticking to the nail gel brush.
  3. If the nail extension gel cannot be cured correctly, please place your hands under the nail lamp and illuminate the light for 120-180s.
  4. Before making the nail style, you need to polish, clean the surface of the nail and apply a primer to enhance the stickiness of the nail, so that the gel will not fall off easily.
  5. 100% vegetarian, no cruelty, no smell.


?¡¾CHARMING POLY NAILS GEL¡¿Saviland 30g clear poly nails gel can make all kinds of interesting nail art that can make your nails look natural, length and neatness. It is suitable for making different shapes of nail extensions such as square nails, oval nails, coffin nails or French nails.

?¡¾EASY TO USE¡¿Saviland nail gel builders are stronger, more flexible and easier to control than other nail extension gels. Builder nails gel can be used to create extension nails and enhance your own nails, which can protect your nail from cracking and breaking.

?¡¾HEALTH AND LONG-LASTING¡¿Clear builder nail gel made of natural resin and healthy formula, low odor and nail friendly. With proper nail preparation (filing, buffering and cleaning), hard gel for nails will last about 1 month. For better adhesion, you can also use nail dehydrators and nail primer, which can make nails last longer.

?¡¾WARM TIPS¡¿The clear poly nails gel need to be cured for 120s -180s by two sides to make sure it dries totally. After you finished your nails, you need to use slip solution to wipe off the oil slick. Temperature has an effect on poly gels' viscosity. When in the low temperature, the builder gels become more viscous.

?¡¾HAPPY SHOPPING¡¿Saviland clear poly extension gel is designed for salon-level quality, but it is also suitable for beginners and professional manicurist. All products are subject to quality control. Therefore, for product pre-sales and after-sales questions, please feel free to contact us~


How To Use?

STEP 1:Trim your nails.

STEP 2:Push the edge of the cuticle.

STEP 3:File your nails and clean your nails surface.

STEP 4:Apply a thin layer of base coat and cure for 60s.

STEP 5:Pick up the proper amount of poly nails gel.

STEP 6:Put the gel on a suitable size dual form.

STEP 7:Dip the brush into slip solution.

STEP 8:Apply the poly nails gel the nail mold.

STEP 9:Stick it on your nature nails.

STEP 10:Use a nail brush to trim the edges to make gel smooth.

STEP 11:Continue to shape the poly nails gel with brush.

STEP 12:Cure it under UV lamp for 120s.

STEP13:Remove the dual form.

STEP 14:Trim and shape the extension gel nail.

STEP 15:Clean, trim and shape the nails to your wanted shape.

STEP 16:Apply top coat and cure for 120s.


Warm Tips:

  1. Keep the gel in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.
  1. The inside of the test tube may contain some air, but the grams of our product are sufficient. You can put the test tube upright for about 1 minute, and then squeeze it.
  1. If your nail gel does not cure properly, please try to flip your hands during curing, that is, cure both sides of the nails.
  1. Please do not soak the finished nails into hot water at 40-60¡æ for a long time.
  1. The package contains fragile items. Do not drop, hit, or throw the package, the protection of the box is limited.
  1. If any discomfort occurs, stop using the product immediately, remove any gel on your nails, and rinse with clean running water in time.
  1. Always read the labels, warnings, or instructions before using the product, whether you are a beginner or a profession manicurist.




Q:?Why can't the nail extension gel dry?

A: Friends, you need to illuminate the front and back sides of the nail lamp for 120s. Since the colored poly nails gel absorbs light slowly, the lighting time needs to be longer, which is normal.


Q:?Why is it sticky?

A: After finishing the nail extension gel, you can wipe with a slip solution or nail cleanser on both sides of the nail, so that the sticky layer will be removed.


Q:?Why do my nails fall off?

A: 1. Before making nail styles, you need to polish the nail surface, make sure that the nail surface is clean and free of grease, and then apply the base coat to enhance the gel's adsorption power.

Make sure that the gel on the nail has been dried under the lamp.

The finished nail style should not be soaked in hot water for a long time, otherwise it will fall off easily.


Q: How to shape nail extension gel with a slip solution?

A: The brush should not too dry or too wet, press gently, to remove any excess gel that popped out from the sidewalls.


Q: How to use the dual forms?

A: Apply a thicker poly nail gel in your middle nail part and a thinner layer in your nail on both sides. We offer you two kinds of dual forms, the straight and curved dual forms. You can choose the nail shape you like.


Q: How to remove it?

A: You can file the nail extension gel down and buffer it. a nail drill machine will save your time and help to remove faster and cleaner.