20ml Dip Powder Liquid Set - Activator Base Top Coat and Brush Saver

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Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland

Capacity: 20ml/bottle

Package Includes:

1*20ml base coat

1*20ml top coat

1*20ml nail activator

1*20ml nail brush saver

3*replacement brush

2*short nail files

2*wood sticks

❤【LARGE CAPACITY DIP POWDER LIQUID SET】 Saviland dipping powder liquid set used upgraded large-capacity packaging, contains 4*20ml base coat, top coat, nail activator, brush saver, 2*nail files, 3* replacement brush, 2*wooden sticks. Larger capacity dip powder liquid set more suit for nail salon, family DIY or nail beginners.

❤【FAST DRYING & EASY TO USE 】 No UV/LED lamps required for Saviland dip powder fast drying formula. So it's reduced the damage to ultraviolet rays to the skin and safe for your skin, Premium quality liquids are easy to apply and suitable for all kinds of nails. It's your ideal dipping powder liquids for nail starter and professional usages.

❤【DURABLE & LONG-LASTING】 Dip powder liquid can enhance the durability of the nail dip powder layer by layer, making them firmly adhere to your fingertips, smooth and long-lasting, keep shiny for 28 days and not easy to fall off.

❤【HEALTHY FORMULA & SAFE】 Dip powder base activator and top coat are made of high quality material and healthy formula, environmental-friendly and non-toxic, It can provide you with smooth and breathable nail surface with no damage to your nails, perfect to protect your beautiful nail art.

❤【WARM TIPS & SERVICE】 Tighten caps & store in a cool environment away from heat & direct sunlight. If you have any questions about our products, you can contact our customer service team, we will try our best to solve all problems for you. Happy shopping!!


  1. Base coat: sticky, able to dry quickly, as well as allowing better coloring of the impregnating powder.
  2. Activator: to speed up the drying process and make the impregnating powder solidify on the nail quickly.
  3. Top coat: makes the nail surface more shiny and prevents nails from peeling, scratching or cracking.
  4. Brush saver: clean the brush, remove residue from the brush, keep the brush clean and convenient for next use.

5.Saviland dip powder liquid set contains matching tools, comes with 4pcs replacement applicator brushes, 2pcs short files and 2pcs wooden sticks.

  1. Easy to use, no need of nail lamp to cure, quickly dry, making nail art easier, more time-saving and safer.
  2. The dip powder liquid made of healthy ingredients, safe and non-toxic, no irritating odor, harmless to nails, while also preventing nail cracking, making nails shiny, play a protective and reinforcing role.
  3. Suitable for all kinds of nail types, either the nail or the nail piece can be applied, the nail after use has high hardness, good stability and toughness, not easy to break or fracture, lasting up to 3-4 weeks.
  4. Suitable for professional nail artists and nail art beginners.

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