12 Colors Texture Gypsum Gel Set

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Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland

Capacity: 6g/0.21oz

Colors:12 colors

Package Includes: 12 colors gypsum gel

Used For: Nail art design


1.The plaster glue is dry and viscous, has good texture, excellent plasticity, not easy to collapse, has a good stereoscopic effect,suitable for 3D sculpture and micro carving nail modeling.

  1. The Saviland texturegypsum gelSet has many uses, can be used for use for making 3D sculptures, carving flowers, for painting design.
  2. Ideal for making relief nail art.
  3. The color of nail art scrub gypsum gel is pure, and it is easy to take the gel with nail art brush and easy to paint.
  4. Suitable for nail art lovers who like to do nail art styles, professional manicurist.
  5. Plaster glue does not need to use top coat, and there is no floating oil after application, durable & long-lasting, can be kept on your nails for more than 28 days.
  6. Perfect for home use or professional use.


How to use?

  1. Get your nails ready.Trim and clean your nails.
  2. 2. Apply the base coat and cure by UV/LED lamp for 30-60
  3. 3. Apply 2-3layers of color coat and cure for 30-60
  4. 4. Apply the matte top coat and curefor 30-60
  5. 5. Apply the gypsum gel polishand create the pattern that you like on your nails.
  6. Cure under the nail lamp for 30s.  Finish.

How to remove?

  1. Use nail drill to remove the gypsum gel;
  2. File your nail surface and clean them.

Warm Tips:

  1. For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children.
  2. Keep the relief nail painting gel in a cool place, keep tightly sealed, keep out of sunlight.
  3. Pairing up paint and colorful decoration,your nails could be morecharming.
  4. 4. Do not touch water as far as possible inside a hour after usinggypsum gel, which will may it stay on your nails much long-lasting.
  5. Gypsum gel is dry and sticky, and the sense of sand is visible as a normal phenomenon.
  6. UV/LED lamp is needed.
  7. After the colored glue, the top coat before applying the plaster glue is matte top coat needed, so that the plaster glue can be better attached to your nails.
  8. 8. Avoid all skin contact. If allergy or other signs of adverse reaction occur, please stop using and cleanup immediately.


Q: How about the gypsum gel? Is it useful?

A: Of course. It has excellent carving 3D effect, easy to shape and durable.

Q: Can I stick diamond jewelry on the gypsum gel nails?

A: Yes. It has a better adhesion when it not dry, can help you stick the diamonds, jewelry or any decorations perfectly on your nails.

Q:How long will the gypsum gel stay on my nails?

A:It can stay on your nails up to 28 days with correct using.

Q: How do I remove the nail tips from my nails?

A: You can easily remove it with nail drill.


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