12 Colors Dry Flower Gel Nail Polish Set

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Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland

Capacity: 6g/0.21oz

Colors:Apricot, Pale pink, Mint blue, Wooden color, Pink, Light yellow, Grass green, Orange-red, Blue, Pink-purple, Apricot-yellow, Ginger

Package Includes: 12 colors dry flowers nail gel polish

Used For: Nail paint, Nail art design

❤【UNIQUE NATURE FLOWER GEL NAIL POLISH SET】 Saviland dry flower nail gel polish set with real nature flowers, is based on nail polish with dried flower embellishment, more unique and charming than ordinary nail polish, contains 12 colors, varieties colors to choice, meet a variety of needs. Can be used for natural nails, extended nails, nail tips, nail decoration, nail design, make you the focus of the crowd.

❤【BRING YOU RELAX AND PLEASANT FEELING】 The soak off UV/LED gel nail polish set using a more natural color system and with nature dry flower in it,  bring you a wonderful visual effect, bringing you a relaxed and pleasant feeling, suitable for any occasion, make you have the feeling of being in nature no matter what the situation is, enjoy the natural relaxation and pleasure, evacuate the day's toil and fatigue.

❤【EASY TO USE & LONG-LASTING】The gel nail polish of dry flower is in canning, easy to take the gel with a brush, easy to apply, like the real dried flowers sticking on the nails, looks more natural, suitable for professional nail salon and home DIY, also suitable for nail novice, with the correct operation, it can last for more than 28 days, needed curing under the UV/LED lamp.

❤【HEALTHY MANICURE & PERFECT GIFT】Saviland gel polish set is made of natural resin and friendly to your nails, with low odor. No harsh ingredients or adhesives that lead to nail damage. An ideal gift for your friends, relatives and nail lovers, bring them nature, relax, happiness, to enjoy their happy time at home.

❤【WRAM TIPS & SERVICE】 It is normal for the flowers to separate from the base material, it needs to be shaken well before use. If you have any problems with this gel nails set, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to help you. Thanks for choosing Saviland. Happy shopping~


  1. Dry flower nail gel polish is based on nail polish with dried flower embellishments, which is a great choice for nail art design.
  2. A set of multiple color options to meet diverse needs.
  3. Saviland dry flower nail gel polish using a more natural color system, bringing a feeling of being in a beautiful nature, bringing you a relaxed and pleasant feeling.
  4. Using a wide mouth jardesign, easy to distinguish the color, easy to take the glue.
  5. Made of pure natural resin,healthy ingredients, low odor, safe and nontoxic do not hurt the nails, no harm to body.
  6. Suitable for professional, nail salon, nail art school, nail art artist and personal, home use, etc. Design any unique nail according to your own ideas for different occasions or holidays and enjoy the fun of designing.
  7. Long-lasting for more than 28days, not easy to peel or fall off.
  8. Can be used with color gels.

    How to use?

    1. Get your nails ready. File and clean your nails.
    2. Apply the base coat and cure for 30-60s.
    3. Fully shake up the polish, it can make the polish color be balanced.  (Important)
    4. Apply the first layer of the dry flower nail gel polish and cure for 30-60s.
    5. Apply the second layer and cure for 30-60s.
    6. Wipe the glue on the nails surface and file your nails.
    7. Apply the top coat and cure for 30-60s. Finish.

    How to remove?

    1. Soak the nails with an acrylic remover for more than 5 minutes.
    2. -Gently remove the entire piece of nail polish on each nail.

    Warm Tips:

    1. For external use only. Dry flowers nail gel polish storage should be avoided direct sunlight and keep in a cool place. Keep out of reach of children.
    2. Before applying, please polish your nails with nail file, and make sure your nails are dry, clean and oil-free.
    3. Base coat can help get a better adhesion, and make the dry flowers nail gel adhere to natural nails for longer.
    4. 4. It is normal for the flowers to separate from the base material, it needs to be shaken well before use.
    5. 5. Please clean the bottle topimmediately after use to prevent curing.
    6. Nail lamp needed.
    7. After curing, there will be a sticky layer on the nail surface, which can be easily mistaken as not dry. You can wipe the nail surface with slip.


    Q: Can I apply the dry flower nail gel polish on other nails?

    A: Yes, acrylic nails, dipping nails, natural nails or nail tips can be applied.

    Q: Does the nails' art work last long with this dry flower nail gel polish set?

    A: If you operate it correctly, usually it can last for 3-4 weeks or more. Make sure to clean and polish your nails, apply the base coat before use, and apply the top coat after use.

    Q: Thick coating or thin coating?

    A: Apply thinly and several times. Each layer doesn’t need to be applied too thickly. It's necessary to keep every layer thin and smooth.

    Q:Is the dry flower nail gel polish easy to use?

    A:Yes, used with a nail brush to take the gel, very easy to apply, suit for professional nail salon and starter.

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