30g Clear Nude Pink Hard Builder Nail Gels Kit

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Product Specifications:

Brand:  saviland

Capacity: 30g/bottle

Colors: clear, nude, pink

Package Includes:

3 Colors 30g Builder Nail Gels(Clear, Pink, Nude)

15ml Top Coat

15ml Base Coat

100pcs Nail Forms

1pcs Nail Brush

1pcs Nail File

Used For: nail extension

❤【BUILDER NAIL GELS KIT IN 3COLORS】The builder nail gels kit includes 3 colors of hard gel for nails, clear, nude and pink colors, 15ml top coat and 15ml base coat, 100pcs nail forms, 1pcs gel nail brush and 1pcs nail file, strengthening your nails with a durable coat and providing a fantastic natural-looks, perfect to do various UV gel nail art designs at home with your great imagination.

❤【MULTIFUNCTION】Clear pink nude builder nail gels can do real nails extension with nail form to make nail edge looks more realistic and easier to shape. Builder nail gels can increase hardness of the nails, therefore, your nails are not easy to crack, break and bend. It has strong adhesion force which is suitable for sticking large diamonds, metal jewelry, pearls and do water ripples and other nail effects.

❤【HEALTHY CHARACTER】This clear nail extension gel is used of environmentally friendly resin materials. It has high transparency and high glossiness. The nail is naturally light, good toughness, moderately thick, no irritating smell, not easy to turn yellow, not easy to break, keep a long time, and it can effectively protect the nail from harm.

❤【ATTENSION】Builder nail gel needs to be cured under the UV/LED lamp for 120S. After curing, the nail surface will have a sticky layer, please use slip solution to remove. Do a skin test before use, and discontinue use in case of allergy or other adverse reactions.

❤【BEST SERVICE】After you bought the set of builder nail gels set, if you have any questions of ideas, please feel free to contact us. We provide replacement or refund. Hope you have a satisfying shopping experience.


1.High transparency, high glossiness. No irritating odor.

2.Using this builder nail gel, your nail is more light and real, long-lasting and not easy to crack and peel off and bend.

3.This builder nail gel is easy to shape and increase toughness of your nails and protect your own nails

4.After curing, there will be a sticky layer on the nail surface, which can be easily mistaken as not dry, please use slip solution or 75% alcohol to remove it.


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